Wall Quilts

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Welcome to Quilt Creations

Take a look at these custom wall quilt samples for ideas!

  In order to get started, I need the size, colors, and pattern choice, or any design ideas you may have.  Quilts include batting, fabric, and professional finishing.  Limited embroidery of words also available at no charge.  Pricing includes clothing quilts.  Including photographs has an additional charge.

                                               Questions/Ideas? e-mail me!


   (USMC)                                           Military                                         (pattern #15)                                         (custom)


(custom)                                      (pattern #14)                                    (pattern #25)                                     (family tree)


  (custom)                                                (hearts)                                    (custom business sign)                          (pattern #17)


   (family tree)                               (pattern #14  or #25)                         (cross-stitch keepsake)                                (custom)  


      (Storm at Sea)                                   (pattern #31)                                       (pattern #10)                                 Firefighter (custom)


                                                                Wall Series (custom)                                                                    


                                    (pattern #6)                                (pattern #28)                                  Teacher Quilt (custom)                                (custom)                                                                 


   (pattern #6)                                 (pattern #14)                                       (custom)                                         (custom)  


         Family Tree (custom)                              (pattern #5)                                   Picture Quilt (custom)                 Picture Quilt (pattern #17) 


                              (custom)                                           (custom)                                       (custom)                           Custom made using a photograph.  


        Son with Santa (custom)                                (custom)                                      (custom)                            Picture Quilt (pattern #37) 


       (pattern #30)                                  (pattern #28)                                   (custom)                                         (custom)  


                                                     Flag Quilts (25" X 25")                                                             (pattern #21)                                     Anniversary (hearts)                                                           


         (custom)                                            (custom)                                       (family tree)                                            (apples)    


      (custom)                          Beauty Queen (pattern #8 & 20)                     (patchwork)                                         (pattern #25)


                  Wedding Shower (custom)                             (hearts)